“This is a great way to learn, how to take beautiful pictures with your phone”

Explore the creative world of phone photography. Learn how easy it is to create spectacular photos using just your smartphone.

The PhotoWalk

  1. We begin with an overview, explaining key features, simple creative techniques and composition.
  2. Then we explore Summer Hill with photographer’s eyes. You’ll enjoy using these techniques to create photos you’ll love. We believe, having fun helps us tune into our creative nature and helps us to remember what we learn.
  3. We head back to base to edit our photos using free apps (Lightroom and Snapseed).
  4. We part company, feeling inspired and creative.

What you will learn

  • Tips on creative phone photography 
  • Tricks that will inspire you
  • Fresh ideas for composition 
  • Photo editing using free and available software

This PhotoWalk is hosted by WeAreObservers in collaboration with The Trading Circle. This is a social initiative to bring the community together through creative activity. This event is designed for anyone, regardless of their age or photographic skills. We would like to extend a special invitation to all community members who feel they are not photographers and would like to understand how to use their phone to take beautiful photos. 

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