Walter Astrada presenting at See.Saw.

See.Saw #1 – Walter Astrada

I met Walter through three different friends and our 6 degrees of separation. I had lunch with Walter and Sebastien and as we sat underneath the flight path, we drank wine and I got to hear a little bit about Walter and his crazy trip around the world. When he leaves Australia he’ll be halfway done with another 2 years ahead of him. We were very lucky to have Walter open the See.Saw discussions. He’s a very committed and passionate photographer who selflessly shared his insights to his extraordinary body of work shooting conflict for international news agencies.

But the fascination for all in the room and why I’m so happy Walter agreed to share his time with us is that Walter has incredible stories. Stories, which come as a result of pursuing the photographs felt most strongly about. It’s this powerful message, which resonated with me the most.

To quote Walter ”its not the years that’s important, its what you do with them.”

Walter runs his Methodology Workshops all over the world.

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