Access All Areas | Lucky Lartey

Jamestown collective rehearsals, OCT 2017
Jamestown performance, OCT 2017

Live performance: @LuckyLartey @jamestowncollective @ByronMarkMusic
Photo credit @shanerozario #WeAreObservers
AAA, Guest photographer: David French

Live photography is why I began my relationship with my camera. It was my ticket to everything adventurous. Concerts / artists / music festival / theatre shows / sporting events / parties / protests not to mention the countless people it allowed me to meet including my wife of 20 years. I fell for photography not because of the art but because of the adventure it created.

As I practiced it, of course I became better at it and enjoyed the confidence it brought me. I kept following its lead till it led me to the commercial world of advertising photography and for nearly a decade I learnt photography by doing photography, as an apprentice would. I worked as an assistant with Australia’s best photographers in all areas of the industry mainly advertising, fashion, editorial, portrait and wedding photographers. During this time I always had one foot in the arts. I’ve never been able to leave it alone.

I’ve been teaching photography for 5 years and noticed there was a buzz around shooting live events and working with artists. I’ve been working with professional dancers for portrait workshops and discovered not only the photographers I taught who learned from the experience but the dancers themselves loved working with the photographers.

I’ve been working with Lucky Lartey over the last 10 years photographing him dancing and love his energy. He’s a very creative dancer who understands the power of recording and documenting his art. Working with him has given me confidence as a photographer and allowed me to experiment freely which is the reason I can produce unique images when i shoot his shows. We have a great relationship which is crucial for a photographer working within the arts. The trust between us is the only reason that an idea like Access All Areas can work. David French a member of the WAO community got to shoot the show alongside me. His work will be the feature of my next story.

WeAreObservers” is the most fun project I’ve been involved with. It’s allowed me to stretch my creative arms and bring a fresh concept to learning photography.
We Are Observers is the adventurous way to learn photography.

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