We Are Observers

We believe the best way to learn photography is to do photography. The purpose of our Adventure-Workshops is to take you out and get you shooting. Our aim is to improve your observation and help you shoot with a creative mind.

Since its beginnings, photographic cameras have been a technical tool as well as being heavy and inconvenient. With technology, this has changed and now the challenge is to stop taking photos. We are observers before we are photographers and this simple understanding has given us a foolproof method which allows anyone with little or no understanding of photography the ability to pick up the camera and create images with rewarding results.

We love our community of photographers because they are motivated to grow as photographers. They are curious, adventurous and interesting. They’re a diverse group of people who share the same goal. They seek to enjoy life in a connected and creative way.

“Through a shared vision and similar goals, we meet others like us. Sharing knowledge continues the positive cycle of learning and teaching.” – Shane Rozario

“We Are Observers” (WAO) are a team of experienced and professional photographers who share the same goals and vision. They understand the importance of living a connected life. They are creative, compassionate and patient people. They love stories and adventures and as a result of their experiences, they are people who are both interested and interesting.  It’s this focus that makes them happy.


Andrew P

Incredibly helpful explanation of what the sales people and the camera manual’s don’t tell you.

Siri K

Colin led a very informative, outdoor, relaxed and fun workshop giving useful and not commonly known tips on using the photography features of the smartphone.

Debra L

True professionals with a wealth of knowledge, but more importantly they can explain & demonstrate techniques in a way that is easy to understand.

Lisa M

As I’m a busy professional, I don’t have time to attend 8 weeks plus of tutorials. I want the info distilled in easy to understand ‘bytes’ that I can apply immediately. This is the place to go.

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